Soapy Faith is a sister act!

Born in heaven and handmade in Cali, Soapy Faith was created by three sisters, after one sister’s survival of Breast Cancer, with one powerful purpose: to build a faith-driven, family-owned, women-led, earth-conscious brand. And so, they did.

Soapy Faith mission is reimagine sensitive skincare through, holy-grail products that take the guesswork out of bodycare for those with sensitive skin & eczema-prone. Each skincare solution is made to be simple, fun, never boring, and inspire self-love and faith in the process.

Our Story

The Bay Area based natural bodycare brand was born after Co-Founder Krystal’s battle with breast cancer from “environmental causes” illuminated how the things we put in and on our bodies have the power to negatively impact our health.

Most traditional bar soaps strip your skin of natural oils. We specifically crafted Soapy Faith products with natural glycerin, which helps protect your skin’s natural moisture, and draws in hydration from the world around you.

With over 15 years of combined experience crafting high-quality skincare products, Soapy Faith is a clean, modern take on sensitive skincare indulges that sensory experience you desire every bath or shower, that leaves you feeling euphoric without sacrificing quality or results.

These products were designed as a portion of a holistic look at your health, with ingredients that soothe, nourish, and while leaving you smelling amazing for hours on end.

It’s our hope that our products inspire you to approach self-care and resilience in a thoughtful way. One that makes you glow from the inside out.

Meet Krystal

Back in 2003, Krystal (Krissy) and Brittney launched their first bath & body shop, aptly called Soothing Creations. After three years of trying to find their footing as a business, the shop closed and, unfortunately, the sisters parted ways for a while.

As life can do, it had its way with Krissy. In 2011 she was in the throes of marital abuse and infidelity when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She endured 7 surgeries in 18 months, a divorce, and a crippling depression that led to an attempt on her life. 

When she was released from the suicide ward, she turned inward and began to pray. She felt that God was nudging her in the direction that her life was always meant to head in. Feeling compelled to call up her sisters, Krissy finally revealed everything she had been through.

Together, they realized their darkest hours were the ones spent in isolation from one another.

Meet Brittney

Always considered the “strong one” of the family, Brittney reconnected with Krystal during a trying time in her life. In 2011, Brittney was going through a divorce and severe financial hardship, all while one of her three daughters was facing sudden incarceration.

When God entered the picture and reconnected these three sisters, it was a turning point for Brittney. Through His love and healing, Brittney and her sisters decided to put God at the forefront of everything they do, including their business. His timing was divine to help these three who were facing hardships find a home in each other.

Meet Michelle

Meet the youngest of the Soapy Faith sisters, Michelle. Although she had kept in touch with her sisters throughout her time in college, it wasn’t until she returned home that she understood the scope and weight of what they had been through while she was away.

Utilizing her background in tech and fashion, Michelle found a new passion for helping her sisters turn Soapy Faith into a full-scale business. She was able to take all the moving parts of her sister’s previous efforts, and combine them all to establish the brand.

As an advocate for health, wellness, and all things beauty, Michelle brings her humor and verve, not to mention her obsession with customer joy to Soapy Faith — helping to guide the business in a way that will make everyone smile.Together, the Soapy Faith sisters are creating a world where everyone can look and feel incredible, powerful, and filled with hope.